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With more than 30 years of combined experience, we bring you the best short travel itineraries in the most pristine and off the beaten track destinations in South Africa and Southern Mozambique. We lay the focus on offering you destinations and experiences that you will find nowhere else. Adventures that will touch your soul and leave you feeling revived and ready to come back for more..
Our itineraries are all designed and situated in close proximity for you to weave together the ideal life changing holiday.

Thongaland Experiences

Thongaland with its rich diversity has been kept a secret for many decades. As the rest of South Africa developed as a travel destination, the land of the amaThonga people was overlooked and remained pure. Below are some of the unique activities worked into our authentic itineraries..

Come enjoy the vibrant energy of our Thongaland Wilderness..

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Please note that if you can't find what you are looking for, we can certainly make it happen.. Contact us with your preferred activities, class of accommodation and locations. Itineraries can also be combined for your convenience..

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"Go into the wilderness where once you dwelled. Pay your respect to that which has remained - has had no choice but to remain. Let what surrounds you become part of you. Feel the earth beneath, smell the air around, hear the vibrancy of survival. Open your every sense, become part of nature, not an onlooker, nor an uninterested bystander. And nature will become part of you, a part that can never be removed. Go where no other man is, Go into the wilderness and you will never again be the same." - Cindy Bradburn


We thank you for your time and are looking forward to sharing special moments with you in Thongaland..